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Coaster Car

Coaster Vehicle Design and build a device that will coast the longest distance possible when released from the top of a ramp set at a chair seat height. Criteria Vehicle can be no longer than 300 mm or wider than 150 mm. Nothing designed to be a wheel may be used. No propulsion system. Minimum …

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Design Portfolio Framework

Tech 9 design portfolio

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Egg Dropper

Egg Dropper Design and build a device to safely lower an uncooked egg from the height of a table top to the floor. Criteria: – Egg cannot freefall. – Egg must end up within 300 mm radius circle from the point directly below starting point. – Egg cannot be cushioned. – Egg cannot drop into a cushion – A …

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Engineering Problem Solving Model

1. Identify the Problem A design brief will be given to you in most cases. 2. Research You need to become familiar with the subject of your problem. Don’t go blind into your task. You may use any resource available to you (books, internet, and experts). This research must be documented. 3. Criteria Your design …

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Paper Airplane

After years of petitioning on my part the Olympic committee has finally agreed to include a new event in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games…paper airplane racing. I have been asked to put together a team that will bring gold home for Canada. This is where you come in… Design and build a device that will …

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What makes a good Photograph? Does the subject of a good picture need to be a person? Tips for taking a great picture Assignment #0: What you’ve done before Go through your photo library and choose 3 photographs that you think are good. Create a presentation (powerpoint/slides/keynote) outlining why each of the pictures you chose are …

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Ping Pong Ball Launcher

Design and build a device that will propel a ping pong ball a distance of 3m and land it in a garbage can. Criteria 1. No fixed link 2. No flammables/explosives 3. Ball cannot bounce into the can 4. No backstops 5. Device must sit on the floor 6. You have 3 chances to achieve …

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Rube Goldberg Machine

Design and build a Rube Goldberg machine that will close a book. Criteria: – must have 10 steps – no combustibles or explosives – must use all 6 simple machines Marking: Marked out of 100 10 points for each step that is successfully completed in sequence Research: A Rube Goldberg machine is a contraption, invention, device or …

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Washer Toss Boxes

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