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Engineering Problem Solving Model

1. Identify the Problem

A design brief will be given to you in most cases.

2. Research

You need to become familiar with the subject of your problem. Don’t go blind into your task. You may use any resource available to you (books, internet, and experts). This research must be documented.

3. Criteria

Your design brief will have these outlined. You must transfer these to your design portfolio.

4. Develop Designs

You must create at least 3 different solutions to the problem. Each must be sketched onto a separate piece of blank paper.

5. Decide and implement

Choose the design that you think will solve the problem the best. You must create plans for this that are more detailed than your initial sketches (i.e. 3-d, measurements)

6. Build

It’s time to make your plans come to life.

7. Test & Evaluate

After you’ve finished building you must now try out the design.

8. Refine/Modify the design

After testing you can now try to better your design. (i.e. fix things that aren’t working)

9. Retest

You can retest and modify as many times as you would like until we do the final evaluation. During the final evaluation you will be given 3 tries. We will count the longest attempt.

10. Communicate

Complete the short questionnaire about the design/build/testing process.

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