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Egg Dropper

Egg Dropper

Design and build a device to safely lower an uncooked egg from the height

of a table top to the floor.


– Egg cannot freefall.

– Egg must end up within 300 mm radius circle from the point directly below starting point.

– Egg cannot be cushioned.

– Egg cannot drop into a cushion

– A portion of the egg must be in direct contact with the floor.

– You cannot  manually control the decent of the egg (i.e. you start the machine and then it does the work)


 Unbroken 5

 Fine crack 4

 Major crack 3

 Broken, but retains basic shape 2

 Totally smashed 1



Free fall:

1. the hypothetical fall of a body such that the only force acting upon it is that of gravity.
2. the part of a parachute jump that precedes the opening of the parachute.

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