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Exploring Tech Learning Outcomes


1.1 identify technology in its various forms

1.2 demonstrate an understanding of the impacts of technology and its cultural and historical influences

1.3 demonstrate an understanding of the history and evolution of a specific area of technology

1.4 investigate strengths related to technological career options

1.5 demonstrate an ability to work in a team

1.6 solve technological problems using the modified problem-solving model

1.7 create design portfolios for solutions to each design problem

1.8 implement life-cycle analysis when designing and constructing solutions to technological problems

1.9 use a variety of materials and tools as part of solving technological problems

1.10 demonstrate safety rules for tools and machines used

1.11 demonstrate safe attitudes and practices in the laboratory

1.12 safely employ appropriate tools, machines, and equipment to solve technological Problems

Green Tech

2.1 examine the consequences of technology in global manufacturing systems

2.2 examine the consequences of technology in domestic use and consumption of energy

2.3 design and construct a model renewable energy system

2.4 manipulate and test a renewable energy system

Media Tech

3.1 demonstrate an understanding of the principles of design

3.2 demonstrate an awareness of diverse target audiences

3.3 create solutions to design problems using a variety of communication media

3.4 demonstrate effective use of communications and design tools

Control Tech

4.1 demonstrate an understanding of technological systems (input, process, output)

4.2 design and construct solutions to problems related to control technology

4.3 manipulate a variety of materials in the construction of a control system

4.4 test and evaluate a control system

Engineering Tech

5.1 employ appropriate technical drawing techniques

5.2 design and construct solutions to real-world engineering technology problems

5.3 evaluate solutions to problems by selecting appropriate testing methods

5.4 demonstrate an understanding of various STEM (science, technology engineering,

math) connections to design problems

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