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Unit 1 Media Technology


3.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of design

3.2 Demonstrate an awareness of diverse target audiences

3.3 Create solutions to design problems using a variety of communication media

3.4 Demonstrate effective use of communications and design tools

1.4 investigate strengths related to career options

What is a target audience?

Design principles

 Proximity

 Alignment

 Repetition

 Contrast

Other helpful tidbits

 Color

 Logo

 Flyers

 Brochures

 Newspaper ads

 Websites

Putting it all together

 Project

 Test

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Alignment Robin’s Principle of Alignment: Nothing should be placed on the page arbitrarily. Every item should have a visual connection with something else on the page. Items that are aligned on a page create a stronger cohesive unit.


Color ppt.ppt


Contrast Robin’s principle of Contrast: If 2 items are not exactly the same, then make them different  Don’t be a wimp  Large font/small font Bold/italics/different fonts  

Design Project

Design final project                                                                                                          …


LoGo Assignment: Create a personal logo for each of the different styles of logos (font based, abstract and visual representation).


Proximity Robin Williams’ Principle of Proximity  Group related items together  Move them physically close each other so the related items are seen as one cohesive group rather than a bunch of unrelated bits.  If things are not related they should not be close     My Favorite Artists           …


Repetition Robin’s Principle of Repetition:  Repeat some aspect of the design throughout the entire piece  Anything that the reader will visually recognize  Consistency (i.e.

Target Audience

Target Audience The profile of the most desired consumer prospects for a product or service, listed by characteristics such as demography, lifestyle, brand or media consumption, purchase behaviour, etc.   Target Audience Assignment