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Control Projects

Robotics/Hydraulics/Pneumatics Problems   In groups of no more that 2 people chose 2 of the following design problems. Work through the design portfolio work sheet and create solutions for each problem.   ext design portfolio   Robotics Ball Transportation Design and build a robot that will transport a tennis ball through a course as fast …


Pascal’s Law       Wood splitter simulation Simple hydraulics simulator Hydraulics simulator  Question: A barber raises his customer’s chair by applying a force of 40 pounds to a hydraulic piston of area 0.5 square inches. If the chair is attached to a piston of area 10 square inches, how massive a customer can the chair raise? Assume the …


Input/Process/Output A graphical representation of all the factors that make up a process. An input-process-output diagram includes all of the materials and information required for the process, details of the process itself, and descriptions of all products and by-products resulting from the process. Read more:     Assignment 4.1,1.2,1.3


Intro to pneumatics   Pneumatics Simulator 


What is work?