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Design Project

Design final project                                                                                                                 /15

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Name: __________________________


Your group has just been asked to create a media campaign for the brand new __________________.   There is one other group that will be competing for the same contract.  You must create a campaign that will blow the competition out of the water.  You will be creating the look of this product, so use the design principles you’ve learned wisely.  This campaign must include the product logo, website, and full page magazine advertisement.  Who is the target audience?  How will you grab there attention?  What is the rational behind the logo?  Be prepared to defend your presentation at the share holders convention.


Website specifics:

  • 4 pages
  • Links to all pages on each page
  • School appropriate
  • No copyright infringements
  • No pre made templates/themes (start with a blank slate)


3 2 1
C Contrast used effectively throughout. Contrast used well sometimes. Contrast not used well.
R There was a common theme throughout the assignment. Theme used sometimes. Numerous themes used.
A Alignment is used effectively and creatively throughout. Alignment used most of the time. Alignment wasn’t considered most of the time.
P Things that are related are close together all of the time. Proximity is considered most of the time. Proximity not considered most of the time.
Specifications All specs are present Most specs are present Some of the specs are present


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