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Pro Tech Outcomes

Unit 1
Students should be able to:
-Describe the role and value of production And identify basic and advanced human needs
-Compare and judge the advantages and disadvantages of hand and mass production techniques
-Explain the highlights of the industrial revolution and their impact on production and society
-Recount and interpret developments in the field of production
-Describe and demonstrate the general principles of the organization of production
-Define, demonstrate, and apply the basic technology system used in production
-Specify and communicate the major impacts of production on society, economy, culture and the environment
-Identify the needs and preferences of users reflected in contemporary products
-Recognize potential conflicts between the needs of individuals and of society

Unit 2
Students should be able to:
-Define the major categories of resources used for production
-Explain the general structure of materials and describe major material properties
-Specify and communicate the personnel involved in the production technology team
-List and explain the basic tools and machines used in production
-Select production tools, machines, and equipment appropriate to the task at hand and use them safely, accurately and economically
-Describe the general organization of business involved with production, including capital and financing, management and research development
-Explain how people are important resource who need to be trained, organized, and motivated for roles in production
-Demonstrate that in production the control of stock is important

Unit 3
Students should be able to:
-Explain how designs for the production of an item can be granted a patent
-Demonstrate awareness of the competition that surrounds the development of inventions and the control of patents
-Define the major types of manufacturing
-Plan a total sequence for production of a product
-Demonstrate basic manufacturing processes during the production of a quality product
-Explain and demonstrate various ways of packaging/promoting and selling a product
-Define acceptable tolerances for manufacturing
-Resolve conflicting demands to produce an optimum solution
-Develop and implement plans for the packaging, promotion, and sale of at least 1 product
-Explain that goods may be designed to be produced singly or in quantity and that this will affect what each item costs
-Devise methods of production that show a comprehensive understanding of tools, materials, equipment, and processes

Unit 4
Students should be able to:
-Analyze and evaluate products produced by different methods of manufacturing such as handcraft, custom, mass, cim,etc…
-Apply critical thinking skills for developing and evaluating ideas
-Define the conceptual framework associated with design problem solving process
-Demonstrate the application of the design problem solving process during the production of numerous products
-Control quality effectively during the production of a product
-Perform regular tasks on a manufactured product
-Be aware that appearances of products and their relationship to their environment is important to the consumer
-Use techniques , processes and resources creatively to achieve a high quality product that matches the specifications.

Unit 5
Students should be able to:
-Identify the features relevant to small and large-scale construction production products
-Design, plan, and complete a custom production project
-Identify and use materials, tools, machines, and techniques used in construction production
-Overcome obstacles when making by applying knowledge of materials, components, tools, equipment, and processes to change working practice.

Unit 6
Students should be able to:
-Describe and demonstrate the basic operation of a computer
-Demonstrate and use a computer to support production manufacturing in a variety of ways as follows:
o       For the mgt of production
o       For r and d
o       To assist the promotion and sale of a product
o       For planning production
o       For the control of manufacturing/production
-Save, restore, and print products of computer applications listed above.

Unit 7
Students should be able to:
-Identify and distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of new materials for use in production technology
-Describe and discuss the impact of production on resources available, the environment, and human beings
-Display and develop the personal qualities and attitudes beneficial to careers in the production and job application
-Identify the career available in the area of pro tech
-Work as a member of a team in a production enterprise

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