About me

I grew up in the booming metropolis of New Ross.  Where I attended New Ross Consolidated School until the end of grade 10.  Lifewas simpler then, sports and video games took up most of my time.  But this wasn’t to last.  The NRCS high school was closed at the end of my grade 10 year and we were all shipped out to Forest Heights.  That’s right I am a FHCS alumni,  class of 1996.  My picture is on the wall.  Check it out I had funny hair!  During my grade 11 year my life would change drastically.  My friend Steve needed a bass player for his band.  So I bought my first bass ($75 Profile P bass) and started thumping away.  I have been obsessed with music ever since.

Upon graduating I moved to Halifax and went to Dalhousie University.  It was a little different than high school.  At Forest Heights my biggest class would have had around 30 people.  At Dal my smallest class had around 100 and my largest was 800.  Needless to say I wasn’t a big fan.  Halfway through my first year I had my second life changing event.  My roommate at the time went to a party, where there were a few guys singing and playing guitar.  She  went up to them and started making small talk which included the fact that I played bass.  Turned out they needed a bass player.  I started jamming with them later that week.  We weren’t very good at first, but eventually we figured things out and for the next 6 years we played countless local shows, recorded 2 tapes and 2 cds, turned a rural PEI farmhouse into a studio for a month, was the subject of a tv documentary, toured halfway across the country, and played with Matt Mays,  The Trews, Arlibido, Caledonia, Rose Cousins and countless other awesome bands.  All good things must come to an end and I left the band  to do my education degree in Maine.  But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

During my second year at Dal I happened to take a Environmental Science class I decided to transfer to Saint Mary’s University where I majored in Environmental Studies.  This was another life changing event.  Not only did I like my program, but I met my wife Amy. Amy was a Rec Therapy student at Dal and was living in a house with 6 other people.  One of which was my friend Sarah.  They decided to have a live music event in there house one weekend.  Of course I went because I had never seen a band play in an attic before.  That’s where I first really talked to Amy.  We started dating soon after and have been inseparable ever since.  December 31, 2005 we got married.  What a great way to start a new year.  Soon after subtle (and not so subtle) comments started about children.  Early in 2008 we finally succumbed to the peer pressure and Gavin was born.  Over the past 3 years he’s changed so much.  It’s hard to believe he’s a little boy now.  Very recently he’s also become a big brother.  A job he takes very seriously.  Saryn was born early in 2011.  She love to smile and watch Gavin.

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