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Principles of Sound

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Critical listening

Listening to music critically is important in ARP.  We need to listen for such things as song structure, instrumentation, stereo image placement, frequency distribution, effects used.     Song structure A song usually have three short melodies, two of which are repeated over and over again…. Intro: The intro of a song starts the song and …

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Doppler Effect

    Doppler effect n. A change in the observed frequency of a wave, as of sound or light, occurring when the source and observer are in motion relative to each other, with the frequency increasing when the source and observer approach each other and decreasing when they move apart. The motion of the source …

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Frequency Band Manipulation

1)  Using the resources provided to you reproduce the vocal intro of “Killing in the Name of” by Rage against the Machine. Use Mixcraft or Garageband Follow the procedure we have discussed to record a track. Ensure that there is no clipping or background noise Add a plugin to limit the frequency band to achieve …

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Haas Effect

Mono_vs_Stereo Haas_Effect Haas_Effect_Assignment

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Sample Song

We’ve been using Mixcraft and Garageband, exploring song structure, identifying instruments present in songs and trying some recording tricks.  It’s your turn to put this all to use. Create a song using the samples pre loaded into Mixcraft or Garageband. Criteria: At least 4 tracks 1- 2 minutes Drum track Bass track Melody part Must …

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Song Analysis

Everyone has different tastes in music. These tastes are often determined by our background, musical experiences, and what music we have access to. Our mood and current place in life can also affect our musical preferences. Your task is to choose one song that you would like to explore further and analyze. Start by searching …

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Sound Waves

Sound-principles Sound Waves Simulation Assignment Click to Run Click to Run

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