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Soundcraft guide to mixing

Soundcraft guide to mixing


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vocal plugin chain suggestion/explanation

This should keep you busy for a while!

Variety Of Sounds – Free VST plugins
BootEQmkII – EQ + pre-amp simulator – seems to me like a channel strip with a wicked tube preamp. The GUI is amazingly nice and the tube is animated.
Density – a very useful compressor, mostly for drums (as I see it).
Nasty Series – Contains:
NastyLF – low frequency enhancer
NastyHF – high frequency enhancer
NastyCS – character channel strip
NastyVSD – virtual summing device
NASTYtableTop – low-mid booster and colouring
Rescue – analog style modeled signal designer
TesslaSE – tube saturator
epicVerb – it’s a reverb and it’s epic…

Antress Modern Plugins – Free VST plugins
Modern VU Meter
Modern Compressor
Modern Equalizer
Modern Expander
Modern De-Esser – very useful for voice, especially if you use a condenser microphone
Modern Spacer – reverb
Modern Limiter
Modern Amplifier – classic LA-2A® compressor coloring
Modern Deep Purple – classic master EQ coloring
Modern Analoger Turbo
Modern Exciter
Modern Black Dragon – classic Pultec® EQ coloring
Modern Booster – classic SSL ® EQ coloring
Modern Dynakiller
Modern Monster – channel strip
Modern Painter – classic API ® EQ coloring
Modern Painkiller – amplifier
Modern Proper – EQ
Modern VR-ME – classic Manley Vari-MU® compressor emulator
Modern VH-ME – classic Empirical Labs Distressor® emulator
Modern VF-ME – classic Fairchild® compressor emulator
Modern VC-ME – classic Tube-Tech CL1B ® compressor emulator
Modern V66 -ME – classic Neve 1066® EQ emulator
Modern V73 -ME – classic Neve 1073® EQ emulator
Modern V81 -ME – classic Neve 1081® EQ emulator
Modern V84 -ME – classic Neve 1084® EQ emulator
Modern VG-ME – classic GML ® Parametric EQ emulator
Modern Premier – mic preamp simulator
Modern Seventh Sign – classic 1176LN® compressor clone
Modern Flash Verb – reverb

Melda Production – Free VST plugins
MCompressor- provides standard compression with volume maximization and has adjustable compression shape
MEqualizer* – 6 band parametric equaliser
MRingModulator – performs standard ring-modulation effect using two oscillators with continously adjustable waveform shapes
MAnalyzer – FFT based analyzer for audio
MPhaser – a traditional phaser with adjustable shape
MLimiter – a traditional way to enhace recording sound power and finish the mix
MWaveShaper – a traditional wave-shaping plugin with adjustable shape
MAutopan – a traditional automatical panner
MVibrato – a traditional vibrato with adjustable shape
MTremolo – a traditional tremolo with adjustable shape
MStereoExpander – provides stereo field modification to improve or smaller clarity of differences between channels

Vacuumsound ADT (automatic double tracking)

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