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Technology and Sound

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Basic Recording Studio

Download the reading “How to Setup a Home Studio.” Then, download the questions that go with the reading here.  Upload your answers to the cloud.                                                               …

Eq-ing and Frequency Response

Interactive Frequency Chart Eq-ing tips (specific frequencies) Get rid of ambient noise

Film Script and Score

Midi Film Score 

Microphone Techniques

Microphone Techniques  


Microphones Power point Microphones questions Taken from

Midi remix

Your next assignment is to create a remix of Oh Canada in whatever style you please. A remix is defined as an alternate version of a song, made from an original one. Begin by downloading the MIDI files by going to: (click on the tab that says Download Midi 6 k) This will automatically go …

Music promotion

Music Promotion

P.A. Basics

p.a.basics reading pa vocabulary and tips PA Assignment 1 pa Setup and assignment 2

Sound city reflection questions

What are some of the reasons that sound city became so popular back in the day? Why do some musicians prefer analogue over digital? What is the general process of recording a band? Do you think analogue recording will totally die out or have a resurgence?  Why?

Sources of clipping

What is midi?

intro to midi.pdf