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Com Tech Outcomes

Fundamentals of Communications

1.8 investigate modern and future forms of communication and predict futuristic career options in communications technology

1.9 generate a digital professional portfolio representing a collection of advanced work completed throughout the course using the design process

1.10 design, create, and transport solutions to design problems that can entertain a variety of target audiences using a variety of electronic communications tools

1.11 examine and analyse solutions to communications technology problems

1.12 create a design improvement to the life-cycle analysis of an electronic communication device

1.13 establish a safe practice policy for one or more communication technology processes within the classroom laboratory

Digital Photography

2.5 control light using advanced manual settings of a camera and existing light photography methods

2.6 demonstrate an understanding of photojournalism

2.7 demonstrate an understanding of manipulating raw images from cameras that support it

2.8 practice a variety of professional applications of photography

Video Production

6.5 create, edit, and distribute web appropriate video

6.6 capture high-quality sound for a video

6.7 incorporate narration or voice-over into a video

6.8 incorporate dramatic lighting into a video


7.6 demonstrate an understanding of how satellite technology affects them

7.7 communicate a message through script writing for specific broadcasting applications

7.8 demonstrate an understanding of broadcasting frequencies and bandwidth

7.9 use and operate broadcasting equipment to produce a broadcast or series of broadcasts for a

specific purpose


8.4 create a storyboard to plan and communicate an animation sequence

8.5 create a two-dimensional (2-D) or three-dimensional (3-D) digital animation that has a purpose and message

8.6 insert sound into a digital animation

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