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animation-basics     Using the the following tutorials create ¬†flip books for a bouncing ball and a person walking. (Stick figures are great!) Bouncing Ball Tutorial Walking Cycle Tutorial   Final Project


Mixcraft Tutorials Broadcasting is the distribution of audio and/or video content or other messages to a dispersed¬†audience via any electronic mass communications medium (Am/Fm/TV/Satellite/Internet) Am vs Fm 5 differences between satellite radio and am/fm Broadcasting guided reading assignment   What is journalism What is Bias? Sir Sam Steps Down! Toronto Times November 1916 Sad news …



DSLR training Depth of Field Canon DSLR Basics Photography basics assignment   Photo Composition Merging and Cropping Lighting 4 Basic Lighting Setups Let’s Take Some Pictures Assignment UFRAW Tutorial final-photography-project

Video Production

Types of shots