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Frequency Band Manipulation

1)  Using the resources provided to you reproduce the vocal intro of “Killing in the Name of” by Rage against the Machine.

  • Use Mixcraft or Garageband
  • Follow the procedure we have discussed to record a track.
  • Ensure that there is no clipping or background noise
  • Add a plugin to limit the frequency band to achieve the desired effect.
  • Finished products must be uploaded onto the cloud in MP3 or wave format.


2) Increase the understand-ability of a spoken word recording.

  • Go to
  • login username: arpfhcs/password: arpfhcs
  • Search white noise.  Download the first sample on the list.
  • Upload the sample to one track in Mixcraft.
  • On another track record someone reciting a nursery rhyme. (baa baa black sheep, Mary had a little lamb, etc…)
  • Save this and mix it down to mp3 (label it nursery rhyme flat)
  • Upload the mp3 to the cloud
  • Now you will eq the vocal track in the Mixcraft file to improve the understandability of speech.
  • Refer to the lesson 4 handout to see what frequency(s) to boost or cut.
  • Mixdown the new version as an mp3 (label it as nursery rhyme 3000)
  • Upload this new mp3 to the cloud.


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