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Midi remix

Your next assignment is to create a remix of Oh Canada in whatever style you please.

A remix is defined as an alternate version of a song, made from an original one.

Begin by downloading the MIDI files by going to: (click on the tab that says Download Midi 6 k)

This will automatically go to your download folder.  Find it there and drag it into Mixcraft.

11 tracks will show up.  We will only be using 3 of these.

Delete all of the tracks except 9, 10 & 11.

These are the melody, a harmony track &  A bass line


Since these tracks are all midi you can change the sound, pitch, loudness and timing of each note. Here are the steps you should follow:

1. First you will decide how to orchestrate your remix of Oh Canada. Orchestration is picking your choice of sounds for each part. You will decide which parts you want to use, and what instrument you want for each one. You can always change this later.

2. Next, you can work out your arrangement. The melody should be left alone so that we can recognize your final version. But, you may wish to leave out the bass line for the first part and then add it in. Or start with one harmony part and change to the other one later on. These are the artistic choices you can make. Since you can edit the individual notes, you can also take notes out, or add more in. Maybe you want to double a track.

3. You should also add a beat to your song. You can add multiple drum loops, or any other loops you desire. This version of Oh Canada is in the key of D, so keep that in mind when browsing for loops. You may find that not all of the parts fit with your beat. You may have to edit the timing of the MIDI notes to fit with the feel of the beat. You can make a beat or search free midi drum loops.

Here are 2 good site:

4. Other things to think about are tempo. Make sure the overall speed of the song matches the feel of the other tracks you create. Lastly, you will want to balance all the tracks by changing the volume level of each track.

TIP: You can write in notes to a MIDI track by using  the piano roll view.

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