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Construction Trades 11 Learning Outcomes

Cluster 1: Construction Trades Realities

SCO 1 demonstrate an understanding of the nature of work and working conditions in the construction trades

SCO 2 identify the work of carpenters, plumbers, construction electricians, lathers, painters and decorators, and floor covering installers; and the roles and responsibilities of people working in those trades

SCO 3 demonstrate an ability to sequence trade-related tasks and schedule different trades to complete a construction project

SCO 4 recognize established work standards in the construction trades and perform work reflecting those standards

SCO 5 model the employability skills required for successful employment in the construction trades

SCO 6 produce appropriate artifacts for their LifeWork Portfolio to demonstrate learning throughout Construction Trades 11

Cluster 2: Safety

SCO 7 demonstrate an understanding of and apply workplace health and safety practices and procedures

SCO 8 identify safety risks and hazards in the workplace

SCO 9 demonstrate knowledge of how to use tools and equipment safely

SCO 10 know how to use and maintain personal protective equipment

SCO 11 demonstrate an ability to work safely at levels above grade

Cluster 3: Measurement and Calculation for Construction Trades

SCO 12 scale, convert, and interpret trades-related documents and drawings

SCO 13 demonstrate an ability to estimate length, area, and volume

SCO 14 perform trades-related calculations

SCO 15 apply various systems of measurement

Cluster 4: Tools and Materials of the Construction Trades

SCO 16 demonstrate an ability to use and maintain tools and machines in a safe, accurate, and appropriate manner

SCO 17 demonstrate the ability to demolish existing structures in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner

SCO 18 demonstrate the ability to identify, select, use, and store construction-related materials in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.

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